(Deadline: 8 February 2022)

For 2022/2023, the USAID Innovation Labs and/or partner organizations can submit as many technologies deemed relevant for each ATP; however, each application will be reviewed to ensure it meets the required specifications and the Advisory Committee will select a number of technologies appropriate for the ATP space.


(Based on the 2021 Senegal Bambey ATP, at least 15 technologies per country, to include mechanization, will be selected for display.) 


Please use one of the example templates to create a fact sheet, one per technology per country. Each fact sheet is editable for your use. This fact sheet is the application for your technology submission(s).

When completing each fact sheet, please follow the specifications and ensure you designate the appropriate group number as listed in the sections below these instructions.

Once you have finalized your fact sheets, please email the completed version to the SIIL Program Manager, LaTrese Taylor, at siil@ksu.edu and latreset@ksu.edu.

Notification of Advisory Committee Decision:

The iREACH Advisory Committee will review and approve technologies for the (5) ATPs. Innovation Labs will be notified of results in early March.


Principal Investigators (PIs) or subject matter experts will not have to travel to the ATPs for technology setup. As required, the ATPs have some funds for technology construction, delivery, and set up. Your PIs will coordinate to either transfer technologies to the country of display or facilitate construction of technologies locally in country. 


  • Ready for scale up

    • Mostly Phase 4 and potentially some Phase 3 depending on the number of Innovation Labs and technologies in country (see number of ILs per country on the iREACH activity tracker projects page)

  • Agro-pastoral & cereals-roots mixed farming systems

  • Able to improve farmer practice by at least 25%

  • Be resilient to climate change

  • Socially acceptable, economically profitable and easy to implement

  • Can provide potential scaling partners

  • Able to demonstrate pathway to the farmer

  • Classified in 1 of the 3 below groups

    • If the Innovation Lab and/or partner organization has ideas for non-technical innovations (i.e., gender, etc.), use the Group 3 designation, "Other," for submission. 


On the application, please use (1) of the (3) groups below to categorize each technology.

(If the Innovation Lab and/or partner organization has ideas for non-technical innovation (i.e., gender, etc.), please use the Group, designation, "Other," for submission.)

Group 1

Agronomic, Agro-Ecological and Farming Systems Innovations

Group 2

Genetic Innovations (Varieties, Hybrids and Genotypes) and New Crops

Group 3

Phenotyping, Geospatial and Digital Tools, Mechanization and Other Innovations

Timeline for Submissions

iREACH ATP in Senegal

See photos and videos from the 2021 Bambey Open Day)